The Fryin' Guys Fish and Chips

The Fryin' Guys has been in business since 1949, making it the oldest 'chippie' in St. Catherines.

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The Recipe

Jim and Ellen Hearth of Ratby, England created and used the fish and chips batter recipe in their restaurants until Jim’s passing in 1923. Since then the recipe has been passed as a “trade secret” to a succession of owners and it’s still a fan favorite today.

The Hearth family has been involved in the business of fish and chips since the early 1900s.

Jim and Ellen opened their first shop in Ratby, in the county of Leicestershire, England in 1908, and operated at this location until 1914. Then they moved their fish and chips operation to Russel Square in Leicester where it came to an unfortunate end when it burned down in 1919. Following this tragedy, Jim and Ellen decided that the townspeople of Leicestershire still deserved the fish they had become so accustomed to.

This time Jim and Ellen sold fresh fish to the townsfolk at country markets. They did this until 1923, until the untimely death of Jim Hearth.

Now, more than seventy years later, the tradition of fish & chips has been maintained by Jim’s grandson, Colin. Colin purchased his shop from George Guy who, previous to Colin’s purchase, operated a fish and chips shop known as Guy’s – which was established in 1962, when it was purchased from the original owner, Mr. Foster.

Colin maintained the family tradition of fish and chips. The batter, which is used in the making of your meal, is a recipe which has been passed down to Colin from his grandmother, Ellen.

As in Britain, The Fryin’ Guys wraps all their fish in newspaper.

We believe that The Fryin’ Guys gives you the highest quality and most generous portion of fish and chips in town, continuing the tradition that started with Jim and Ellen Hearth over 70 years ago.

Any recipe is only as good as the ingredients used. The Fryin’ Guys uses only chemical and hormone free fish… generously cut, not pressed or formed.  Our chips are fresh – never frozen – which gives them their great taste and appearance.

Try the taste that keeps people coming back, and see the difference fresh makes!